Magnetic flow transmitter

Magnetic flow transmitter

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Electromagnetic flow transmitter adopts LCD indicator and “simple setting” parameters to improve the convenience of maintenance. The flow sensor diameter, lining material, electrode material, flow coefficient can be revised, and the intelligent diagnosis function significantly improves the applicability of the flow transmitter.And Sinomeasure electromagnetic flow transmitter supports customized appearance color and surface stickers. Features Graphic display:128 * 64Output:Current (4-20 mA), pulse frequency, mode switch valueSerial communication: RS485

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Measuring principle Faraday’s law of induction
Function Instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, mass flow (when the density is constant)
Modular structure Measuring system is composed of a measuring sensor and a signal converter
Serial communication RS485
Output Current (4-20 mA), pulse frequency, mode switch value
Function Empty pipe identification, electrode pollution
Display user interface
Graphic display Monochrome liquid crystal display, white backlight;

Size: 128 * 64 pixels

Display function 2 measurements picture (measurements, status, etc.)
Language English
Unit Can choose units through configuration, see “6.4 configuration details”  ”1-1 flow rate unit”.
Operation buttons Four infrared touch key/mechanical

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