SUP-LZ Metal tube rotameter

SUP-LZ Metal tube rotameter

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SUP-LZ Metal Tube Rotameter is a device that measures the volumetric flow rate of fluid in a closed tube. It belongs to a class of meters called variable-area flowmeters, which measure flow rate by allowing the cross-sectional area the fluid travels through to vary, causing a measurable effect. Features Inpress protection: IP65
Range ratio: Standard: 10:1
Pressure: Standard: DN15~DN50≤4.0MPa, DN80~DN400≤1.6MPa
Connection: Flange, Clamp, ThreadHotline: +86 15867127446Email : info@Sinomeasure.com

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Porduct Metal Tube Rotameter
Model SUP-LZ
Range Water (20℃) (01~200000) L/h Air (20,0.1013MPa) (0.03~3000) m³/h
Range ratio Standard 10:1       Optional 20:1
Accuracy Standard: 1.5%     Optional:1%       Gas: 1.5%
Pressure standard:DN15~DN50≤4.0MPa DN80~DN200≤1.6MPa Optioanl: DN15~DN50≤32MPa DN80~DN200≤16MPa
Connection Flange,Clamp,Thread, Sanity thread
Medium temperature Standard:-20℃~120℃ PTFE 0℃~80℃ High temp:120℃~450℃ low temp: -80℃~-20℃
Environment temperature Remote type: -40℃~85℃ Pointer type/local alarm type -40℃~100℃
Power supply Standard type: 24VDC two-wire system (4-20) mA (12VDC~32VDC) Alarm type: 24VDC multi-wire system (4-20) mA (12VDC~32VDC) AC type: (100~240) VAC 50Hz~60Hz Battery type: 3.6V@9AH lithium battery
Load resistance RLmax: 600Ω
Alarm Output Upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm Local alarm type: upper limit, lower limit or upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm (Contact capacity 1A@30VDC) Upper limit and lower limit alarm hold range is a maximum of 60% of range, and the minimum interval between upper and lower limit
alarms is 10% of range
Pulse output Cumulative pulse output is output of optocoupler signal isolation Darlington tube (internal 24VDC power supply, maximum current
Ingress protection IP65

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