SUP-PH8001 Digital pH sensor

SUP-PH8001 Digital pH sensor

short description:

SUP-PH8001 pH electrode can be used for aquaculture, IoT water quality detection, with digital interface (RS485*1), can be used to measure the change of pH/ORP value in the aqueous solution system within the range, and it has standard RS485 Modbus RTU protocol interface function, Can communicate with the host computer remotely Features

  • Zero potential point:7 ± 0.5 pH
  • Output:RS485
  • Installation size: 3/4NPT
  • Communication:RS485
  • Power supply:12VDC

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  • Specification
  Product    Digital pH sensor
  Model   SUP-PH8001
  Measurement range   0.00-14.00pH; ±1000.0mV
  Resolution   0.01pH,0.1mV
  Heat resistance   0 ~ 60℃
  Output   RS485 (MODBUS-RTU)
  ID   9600,8,1,N (Standard) 1-255
  Power supply   12VDC
  Power consumption   30mA @12VDC


  • Introduction


  • Communication Protocol

Communication interface: RS485

Port setting: 9600,N,8,1 (default)

Device address: 0×01 (default)

Protocol specification: Modbus RTU

Instruction support: 0×03 read into register

0×06 write register | 0×10 write register continuously


Register data format

Address Data name Conversion factor Status
0 Temperature [0.1℃] R
1 PH [0.01pH] R
2 PH.mV [0.1mV] R
3 PH. Zero [0.1mV] R
4 PH. slope [0.1%S] R
5 PH. Calibration points - R
6 System status. 01 4*bits 0xFFFF R
7 System status. 02 4* bits 0xFFFF R/W
8 User command address - R
9 User commands. Results [0.1mV] R
11 ORP [0.1mV] R

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