SUP-PTU300 Turbidity meter

SUP-PTU300 Turbidity meter

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○Laser light source, with ultra-high noise ratio, high monitoring accuracy○Small size, easy system integration water consumption is small, saving daily operation cost○It can be applied to the turbidity measurement of drinking water after membrane-type clean water○Automatic discharge, long time maintenance-free operation, save daily operation and maintenance costs○Optional Internet of things module support cloud platform and mobile phone data remote monitoring. Features Range:0-20 NTU (31),0-1 NTU (30)Power supply:DC 24V (19-30V)Measurement:90° scatteringOutput: 4-20mA, RS485

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  • Specification
Range 0-20 NTU (31),0-1 NTU (30)
Operating voltage DC 24V
Measurement 90° scattering
Working mode Continuous monitoring of drainage, intermittent automatic discharge
Zero drift ≤±0.015 NTU
Value error ≤±2% or ±0.015 NTU larger
Discharge mode Automatic discharge
Calibration Formalhydrazine standard liquid calibration (factory calibrated)
Water pressure 0.1 Kg/cm3-8Kg/cm3, flow not exceeding 300 mL /min
Digital output RS485Modbus protocol (baud rate 9600,8, N 、1)
Analog output 4-20 mA
Storage temperature -20℃-60℃
Working temperature 0-50℃
Sensor material Composite
Maintenance cycle 6-12 months recommended (depending on site water quality environment)
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